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Derek Jacob Johnson: The self-glorified narcissist

Upon reviewing and contemplating the current case, we can understand that even the person sleeping beside us may exhibit sinister characteristics. Nancy Johnson, upon discovering it, ran for help, but the state of Alabama drew her back into imminent danger. Here we analize several pshicological aspects.

On September 28th, a fateful day, Derek Johnson reported the unimaginable — the lifeless bodies of Nancy and her two children, Mia and J. Malachi — the community was thrust into a state of shock and mourning; Rick a neighbor who had the opportunity to share a couple times in the last 18 months was crying like a baby because the loose of their lives.

In the picture: Rick, is a neighbor who cries bitterly and can’t even express the loss of Nancy and her children, while a journalist tries to take his impressions.

Since the beginning of this year 2023, Derek falsely claimed that Nancy suffered from emotional instability, a narrative that authorities bought into throughout the entire process without being substantiated by solid evidence. We can demonstrate, through interviews conducted under the guidance of forensic psychiatry specialists, that Nancy was an emotionally stable individual with well-defined goals and a high level of resilience.

However, we will proceed to analyze the level of risk Nancy was in and delve into (Derek) the husband’s mental state and traumas from his past, creating a framework for the evident personality disorders he exhibits. Another clue is the information provided by Nancy to her family when she alleged that Derek had been obsessed with serial killer podcasts since June 2022.

How much was Nancy at risk for April 2023?

To review forensically the level of risk and the threat against Nancy’s life, we were directed to use a well-known tool that could be applied to the couple. The result was measured in a range superior to 43, which means imminent. The astonishing fact is the score reached in this tool was 93 out of 100.

Why was Nancy taking such a risk by being around Derek? This question goes beyond what anyone, even Nancy, could imagine, and is related to the tragedies that occurred in the estranged husband’s family.

As the layers of these tragic events unravel, a disturbing revelation emerges the unsettling recurrence of suicide as the classified cause of death within Derek’s immediate circle.

Both his mother, Tawnia Celeste Love (born Vanderwal), and stepmother, Suzette Jean Johnson (born Duffield), saw their deaths tragically marked by this haunting classification, SUICIDE.

Derek’s Behavior Analysis From September 28th

After the police responded to the residence at 9863 Evergreen Court, Semmes, Alabama 36575, where Derek discovered Nancy and her children, he manipulated the officers by creating a false narrative. He skillfully portrayed the situation as if there was a restraining order in place to protect him from Nancy, when, in fact, the circumstances were the opposite.

Upon reviewing the dashcam footage from one of the officers present at the scene, Derek’s demeanor appeared somewhat concerned, and that was the extent of his visible emotional response.

In the image, Derek Johnson is “invited” to rest inside one of the police vehicles. Source WRAL

On the Incident Report, the same day was registered as Criminal Code § 13A-6-2. What is the Alabama Code 13A-6-2?(a) A person commits the crime of murder if he or she does any of the following: (1) With intent to cause the death of another person, he or she causes the death of that person or another person.

On that day 11:35, Derek greeted the officers at the house and provided a false but detailed explanation of the events, describing the sequence of occurrences, including intricate details of Mia’s alleged resistance against Nancy. The officers seemingly accepted Derek’s narrative immediately, as evident in the video footage retrieved from the dashcam of one of the responding officers. It appeared as if they all harmoniously echoed Derek’s account, akin to a choir of children. The dissemination of this misinformation became apparent when various media outlets, even days later, incorrectly reported Nancy’s age as 37 and falsely claimed she held conservative political views. In reality, Nancy was 39 years old and originally from Guatemala. And that is the reason everybody in the crime scene knew that was a murder-suicide, without any investigation, and all commented about Nancy’s mental illness (which does not exist), only because Derek talked about it.

The Pursuit of Glorification:

Derek took an active role in reporting the macabre discovery this time. Subsequently, he sought out various news outlets, seemingly eager for them to immortalize the somber event. In his pursuit, Derek aimed not only for acknowledgment but also for a platform to emphasize the perceived culpability of others in the tragic narrative. This quest for public recognition extended to the obituaries of Nancy, Mia, and J. Malachi, where Derek’s version of events found its place among the commemorations.

We want to analyze how Glorification works. The concept of glorification refers to portraying the individual’s actions, motives, or persona in a positive or “admirable” light. It involves presenting him in a way that may evoke sympathy, admiration, or romanticizing their deeds. Glorification often occurs in media or public discourse and can contribute to a distorted perception of the individual, downplaying the severity of their crimes and the impact on victims and society.

Some media agreed to publish Derek’s version, which matched with the initial narrative affirmed by Sheriff Paul Burch, who according to Blake, Nancy’s lawyer, never confirmed with him or with any other authoritative source.

There was a different interview and the most commented interview was one granted by Law&Crime Network. In that interview, the reporter Sierra Gillespie asked “I want viewers to know it was you who reached out to Law&Crime network for this interview“, and the first emotion caught on camera before he started to talk, was a fast smile of happiness, like when someone had an achievement.

There are several inconsistencies with other interviews and statements, but the deep analysis of those interviews is not the center point of this investigation. There are on the internet, reactions to this video analyzing in detail the several aspects of his arguments and failures.

We can find other interviews in WRAL, NYPost, and several others that give more and more details bashing Nancy for everything with the bolded talk of having debt and a GoFoundMe initiative that raised in less than one week almost $18,000 for remodeling the bathroom (to erase evidence), paying taxes, and write a book.

So we can conclude that he achieved the glorification he needed to garner enough attention.

Short Analysis About The Obituaries

None of the obituaries are about Nancy, Mia, or J. Malachi, but are about Derek and his wishes and blaming Nancy. Obituaries often include information about the person’s life, accomplishments, and contributions. This serves as a way to honor and remember the deceased, not to honor the author. Besides this analysis, we want to quote that after their burials he left them in a cemetery in Alabama where nobody from Nancy’s family could visit them regularly, and he never came back to watch over the tombs.

Nancy Johnson Obituary


There is much to be said but I still love you and told you I loved you during our time of struggle in the past 9 months. When we first met in the summer of 2015 I had lost both of my parents to completely different circumstances, you were my summer angel. After much talking, we didn’t have to say anything other than we both knew our journey for finding an eternal partner had come to an end. We knew each other’s struggles and differences as a couple but pressed forward knowing that having children and creating a loving family is what we both dearly wanted. Your hunger to gain knowledge and become the best mother possible could not be stopped because nothing less was acceptable in your mind. The children’s needs were always met before your own. If I had an opportunity to live it all again even knowing the outcome in the end, I would not hesitate to take the opportunity. You were the love of my life and I miss your dearly. Although I am still having a hard time with what you did to our family, I know that deep down you loved all of us but the adversary was hard at work in your mind. He has failed in his efforts and put you all in a place of glory and love that he cannot be present in. I pray God has mercy on your soul and looks at the great and wonderful works you have done in your life. We all miss you and look forward to talking to you once we all pass the veil to the afterlife. I still love you as the day I met you.

The obituary for Nancy, penned by Derek, reveals a calculated attempt to create a false narrative, portraying a facade of love and connection while subtly glorifying her actions. A closer analysis underscores the deceptive elements within the obituary, including that talks more of him and his own problems in the relationship than about her life and legacy:

  1. False Love and Connection: Despite the professed love, the context of the obituary suggests that Derek’s emotions might be more strategic than genuine. The use of phrases like “summer angel” may be an attempt to construct a narrative of enduring love, potentially masking the true nature of their relationship.
  2. Religious Instrumentalization: Derek’s selective use of religious references, such as prayers and mentions of an afterlife, seems more instrumental than sincere. The inclusion of these elements might be strategic, intended to appeal to a religious audience, and add a layer of perceived authenticity to the narrative.
  3. Glorification of Actions: The obituary subtly glorifies Nancy’s actions, presenting her as an ideal mother with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. This glorification could be a deliberate strategy to deflect attention from any negative aspects of their relationship.
  4. False Adversary Narrative: The introduction of an “adversary” influencing Nancy’s actions appears to be a fabricated element aimed at justifying or rationalizing Derek’s behavior. This narrative could serve to shift blame away from any potential wrongdoing on Derek’s part.
  5. Facade of Compassion and Forgiveness: Rather than a genuine projection of love, the obituary seems to present a facade of compassion and forgiveness. This could be a calculated move to maintain a positive public image, diverting attention from any nefarious activities or motives.
  6. Reflecting Psychological State: The use of a black-and-white picture of Nancy, is an artistic representation of Derek’s psychological state or the complexity of his character. It might convey a sense of duality or internal conflict. It was used with the intention of showing a dark and evil person.

In summary, the obituary for Nancy crafts a carefully constructed narrative, combining false expressions of love, strategic religious references, glorification of actions, a fabricated adversary, and a facade of compassion. This analysis sheds light on the deceptive nature of the obituary, suggesting an underlying motive to manipulate perceptions and potentially divert attention from his own culpability in Nancy’s tragic demise.

Mia Johnson Obituary


You were our first baby, your mother couldn’t let go that you were growing up so fast. You would always get excited and greet me after getting home after work. I never did get a chance to take you to your first day of school, I was looking forward to that so much. Your spirit and attitude has always been so bright that it was hard not for others to notice. Even when your mom and I would be upset, you could analyze the situation and do your best to cheer us up. I will miss that so much. You always asked to go camping and unfortunately I never got that chance to take you, due to the turbulent pull of the divorce. Before I left I did make sure to have a campfire and taught you how to roast a marshmallow and make smores. We are eternally linked and I look forward to hearing the same voice I heard every day when I got home from work, “Dada you’re back, we missed you!”

It’s important to note that the context of Mia’s obituary, especially considering the alleged molestation and the strategic choice of the featured image which called attention to the tumor that she developed in the last months after they were poisoned, reflects an attempt to paint a sentimental and caring image of Derek, potentially diverting attention from his darker actions. The use of nostalgic memories and shared moments aims to create a facade of love and connection while concealing the disturbing truth beneath the surface.

Jacob Johnson Obituary


Your sweet smile, your laughs and you running away giggling still echo in my mind. You were born in a time when the world was in turmoil, faiths were tested, and the strength of the family meant everything. Your mom and I were so delighted you were born around Christmas it brought a special light to that month. You would always love playing with heavy equipment and your race cars. You were just cracking the code of communication and I never got to see you master it. You weren’t quite old enough to ride a bike but you loved trying and loved scooters. I could tell you loved your older sister so much and couldn’t be separated. I never did get a chance to let you use your fishing rod, I was hoping we could all go when I returned. Your dad tried so hard to keep our family together on this earth, I just need to wait my turn to see your cute face again.

This obituary was just a reflection, a projection of himself, of things that he would like to do because he hasn’t had the opportunity to enjoy.

The Celebration

The following images show how Derek Jacob Johnson “suffered” the loss of his family, with Pizza, Music, and Playground, but there is more than this:

In this picture, he poses for the picture of a pizza. The pizza is not the most important thing here, in the behavior analysis we found that he took this prices: Nancy’s Hat, Jacob’s little car and the drill used to break into the house the day 28th. This picture is from the day before Nancy and children’s burial.

In this picture, he poses with a pizza. However, the focus here isn’t on the pizza itself. In our behavior analysis, we discovered that he proudly displayed three items: Nancy’s hat, Jacob’s little car, and the drill used to break into the house on the 28th. Those are trophies, and we only can speculate that in the picture behind his butt, there was a Mia’s toy.

At that moment he was with his sister Kendra, and his friend Dustin (who according to Washington court documents had issues with an ex-girlfriend). The following document is a request for a protective order against Derek’s friend Dustin Coleman.

People in Washington State described the relationship between Dustin and Derek as very close until he moved to “Florida”. By the way, nobody knows any previous romantic relationship with Derek, just Nancy.

Kendra fails almost in all the businesses she started. And Dustin is a lonely guy.

Certain witnesses reported observing Derek, Dusting, and Derek’s sister Kendra enjoying themselves loudly in various locations, engaging in mockery and laughter. Our investigators obtained the following video from a source identified as a close relative to Derek, in which Derek’s distinct and annoying laugh is noticeable. This video was recorded merely two days before Nancy’s burial. Additionally, neighbors raised concerns about Derek’s extravagant spending those days, prompting questions about whether he accessed funds from Nancy’s savings or made an insurance claim related to his wife and children.

For sure he got money from GoFoundMe, and was recognized by the public receiving more than $17,000. A relative of Derek also shared with us that they were playing and taking videos in the bathroom with mirrors wall to wall where Mia’s throat was cut off., filled all the mirrors with blood, and laughing while removing the blood.

Their bodies had not yet been buried, but all their belongings were already being thrown away, deemed worthless. And when started Dusting Coleman to help Derek what kind of limits have that help?

His traumatic relationship with others

At the age of 13, Derek faced a complex family dynamic, characterized by turbulent parenting patterns exacerbated by the bitter divorce of his parents. The situation reached a critical point that led to the issuance of a restraining order against his father.

On October 3, 2003, the divorce proceedings between Tawnia and Robert took place, identified by case number 03-3-03068-5, with a formal petition for marriage dissolution.

Subsequently, on November 6, 2003, a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE from Dere’s mother against the abusive father of Derek, was issued in response to the ongoing family situation. These events marked a pivotal chapter in Derek’s life during his adolescence, contributing to the complexity of his family experience.

In the following year, 2004, Derek encountered Nancy when he arrived in Washington. She was employed at the ranch that would become part of the inheritance for Derek and his sister. From that point forward, interviews with family and friends have failed to report any romantic involvement or dating during his adolescence and into adulthood.

In 2005, his father married Suzette, causing Derek to experience feelings of abandonment along with an ambivalent sense of guilt and resentment towards his father.

However, in 2006, according to Derek’s accounts to Nancy and one of his siblings, he was present when his sister, Alicia Barrown, died in a mysterious accident, we can’t find anyone willing to talk about it. The occupants of the vehicle reportedly put it in reverse, resulting in an accident that claimed Alicia’s life.

In January 2015, Derek and Nancy reconnected through text messages. However, on February 10, Derek mysteriously claimed to have witnessed his own mother’s suicide.

Similarly, on June 13, four months and three days later, his father passed away. At the time of this edition, there was no reported cause of death, but Derek “Witnessed the PLACE of death”.

He married Nancy in 2016, and his stepsister, from Suzett’s side, reported that Derek underwent an abrupt personality change, isolating himself and also distancing Nancy from people outside their own home. This was distressing for Nancy, as she had been a very sociable person since her youth.

In 2022, the stepmother Suzette dies also by suicide, and despite the suspicions of Suzette’s family that she was poisoned and murdered, no investigation is conducted.

In all three cases, Derek inherits the properties and steals from his relatives their part of the estates. He chooses to cremate the bodies in each instance. Derek goes into hiding, relocating to Alabama without informing anyone of his true whereabouts, effectively evading and concealing himself.

Kendra showed our investigator how in those days Derek screwed all the family again with Suzette’s estate and was confirmed when another closer relative to Derek show us about a publication of Kendra.

After 2 months of deep and active search for Peter G. Love the last husband of the mother, we realize he is missing, and the local Police in Puyallup had no contact with him.

Behivoral Analisis

With the help of experts in forensic psychological research, we found plausible in Derek that fits in the “composite syndrome of Cluster B Personality Disorders“, which refers to a combination of personality disorders classified in Cluster B of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). This cluster includes disorders characterized by dramatic, emotional, or erratic behavior. The disorders within Cluster B are:

  1. Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD): Characterized by a disregard for the rights of others, impulsivity, deceitfulness, and lack of remorse.
  2. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): Marked by instability in relationships, self-image, and mood, often leading to impulsive behavior and intense, unstable interpersonal relationships.
  3. Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD): Involves a pattern of seeking attention, being excessively emotional, and being uncomfortable when not the center of attention.
  4. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD): It is characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy, and a need for excessive admiration.

A “composite syndrome” suggests that an individual exhibits traits or features from multiple personality disorders within Cluster B.

Derek exhibits a set of characteristics consistent with psychopathy, described as a composite syndrome of Cluster B Personality Disorders, based on documented observations. Some of the key features that can be identified in his behavior include:

Superficial Charm:

Derek seems to have the ability to charm certain individuals, explaining why Nancy left him in debt and how he could people consider him a “good guy” including police officers, the court, church members, and other media outlets.


His quest for attention is evident in his participation in multiple interviews, including with reputable media, after Nancy’s death. This attention-seeking behavior suggests a constant need for validation and recognition.


The ability to manipulate police officers, the court, and the guardian lawyer indicates a sophisticated level of manipulation. This aligns with psychopathic tendencies to manipulate others to achieve their goals, even by glorifying themselves.

Externalization of Blame:

The externalization of blame is a prominent feature, as Derek seems to attribute responsibility for his actions to external factors or other people, notorious in the obituaries and the interviews. This aligns with psychopathy, which involves a lack of personal accountability and a tendency to blame others.

Lack of Empathy and Remorse:

The lack of empathy and remorse is evident in his celebration after Nancy’s death and in his self-glorification during the burial process. Psychopathy is often associated with a lack of emotional connection and an inability to experience remorse.

Imperviousness to Consequences:

Searching for Nancy’s 3rd sister to “have some fun”, and declaring to Nancy’s 4th sister that Nancy told him that she was raped by a family member, despite legal implications, suggests a lack of concern for consequences. Psychopathy often includes an imperviousness to normal consequences that would deter non-psychopathic individuals.

Tendency to Manipulate Emotions:

The tendency to manipulate the emotions of others is observed in his ability to seek interviews and publish statements that could influence public perception and the opinion of professionals involved in the case.

Justice for Nancy

At the close of this note, Blake, Nancy’s attorney HAD NOT been notified by USA and Health Psychiatry about any psychological record from Nancy and confirmed that Sheriff Burch rushed too much to speak about Nancy’s Mental State without any evidence.

In the other hand, the authorities never questioned Derek’s state of mind, and neither investigated his turmoil past.

If you consider that Nancy deserves Justice and wants to help bring all this and much more to court, you can donate to the family:

We will come back next weekend with more about this case.


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